State of Baja California

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The State of Baja California is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés (also known as the Gulf of California or the Bermejo Sea). To the south it borders the State of Baja California Sur, and the boundary is established by the famous Parallel 28, which artificially resolved the disputes between the two States at the end of the 19th century. On the other hand, to the north it borders the US States of California and Arizona.

Due to this strategic position of proximity to the United States, it has a high degree of economic and cultural connection with that country, in addition to being one of the most visited Mexican states by U.S. citizens. This has allowed it to develop numerous tourist resources.

Almost half of Baja California's tourism comes from the U.S.. Hikers visit beautiful places such as Ensenada (the Malecon) or Mexicali (Tajo Canyon). In the Mexicali Valley there are numerous towns, colonies, ejidos and ranches where thousands of people come every year to enjoy rural tourism and relax in the middle of nature. There is also no shortage of tourists who prefer to sunbathe on the beaches of Rosarito, dance in the nightclubs of Tijuana, or enjoy the Magical Town of Tecate, where you can tour its Wine Route or the Cava de Don Juan.

And if you visit Baja California, don't forget to taste its new gastronomy known as "BajoMed", a fusion of the region's traditional cuisine, the Mediterranean diet and oriental food, which has made this state an international gastronomic destination. In this way, Mexican ingredients such as 'chicharrón' are fused with olive oil or soy, while their culinary techniques also come together. BajoMed cuisine was created at the beginning of the 21st century by chef Miguel Angel Guerrero to bring together the Mediterranean ingredients grown in Baja California, the influences of Asian immigrants and the state's own products.

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Ensenada (2 548 towns)
Mexicali (3 075 towns)
Playas de Rosarito (422 towns)
San Quint�n (662)
Tecate (919)
Tijuana (1 411)