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Trump toilet paper will be sold in Mexico, to aid deportees

A Mexican entrepreneur creates a new Trump-branded toilet paper, promising help for Mexican deportees with each purchase, and with the attractive slogan “Softness Without Borders”

Antonio Battaglia, a Mexican attorney and entrepreneur based in Guanajuato, was so angry with Donald Trump’s position on Mexican inmigration and trade, that he decided to fight him with a new toilet paper which will include the US president’s name and notorious haircut as main brands.

Battaglia will use an attractive slogan to promote the new Trump toilet paper: “Suavidad Sin Fronteras” (“Softness Without Borders”), remembering consumers that 30% of the incomes will go to help all those persons who’ve been deported back to Mexico after trying to migrate to US. “I do not mind if this business is profitable, I am trying to aid migrants and deportees”, the attorney claims.

This entrepeneur obtained the trade mark for the Mexican toilet paper in August 2015. However, Battaglia initially tried to register the Trump brand for new product related to shoes, since his family produces shoes, but it was already taken and he decided then to change the idea into a new product for toilets.

Where can I buy the Trump toilet paper?

Currently, the Trump-branded toilet paper can be purchased only in Mexico, in big supply centers, and supermarket and grocery store chains of the country. For now, Battaglia has not unveiled information about how to buy the the Trump toilet paper in the United States, Latin America, Spain, or other countries outside Mexico.

Does the new toilet paper try to mock the president of the United States?

According to Battaglia, the creator of the new Trump toilet paper, they are not trying to mock anybody, but only to produce a funny product to attract people, and to broadcast the idea of solidarity with deported Mexicans. “I want you to buy a product with a reasonable price which supports a fair cause”, Battaglia claims.