On Thursday 7 September 2017, an earthquake of magnitude 8.1 hit the southern coast of Mexico, with its epicentre located at 87 km (54 miles) southwest of the town of Pijijiapan (state of Chiapas), according to the data provided by USGS. There are 16,917 inhabitants in Pijijiapan, and is 57 meters above sea level.

According to our statistics, there are 8,128 men and 8,789 women in this small city. The fecundity rate is 2.34 children per woman, and there are 5,486 dwellings. 99.28% of these dwellings have electricity, 63.00% have piped water, 20.50% a car or a van, 14.33% a personal computer, 65.28% mobile phone, and 7.75% Internet access. There are more data about Pijijiapan at this link.

Pijijiapan Mapa Epicentro

You can browse photos of Pijijiapan at this link, and a footage of a regular day in the town on the following video.

Pijijiapan, the Mexican town just in front of the 8.1 earthquake’s epicenter
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