Mexico City replicates a nonexistent Day of the Dead parade from James Bond film, just for the tourists

The opening sequence of James Bond ‘Spectre’ film is among the best ones of the recent years in the film industry. It is situated in a nonexistent Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City, where the principal actor starts a thrilling pursuit through hundreds of extras dressed with sort of Halloween costumes, and a huge parade with floats, revelers, and big skeleton marionettes.

Spectre was premiered in 2015, and this opening scene was so successful that many of the tourists visiting Mexico City were looking for information to watch it on the next Day of the Dead, in late October and early November. However, these travelers found that this parade never actually existed, and it was specifically created for the film.

Local authorities saw quickly this opportunity for the tourism in the region, and they have held this Saturday the first Day of the Dead parade in the history of Mexico City. And it was a complete success. Most of the characters, floats and marionettes were replicated, around 250,000 people joined the event, and the atmosphere was very similar to the film’s one.

Day of Dead Parade Mexico City




This is the original sequence of the film “James Bond Spectre”: