San José Tenango (Municipality)

Get to know deeply all the information of the municipality of San José Tenango through its towns. We have registered the smallest, with hardly any inhabitants, and even those with the largest population, such as San José Tenango, Cerro Palmera, or Aguacatitla.

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San José Tenango is a Municipality of 18478 inhabitants, placed in the State of Oaxaca, with a fertility rate of 3.31 children per woman. 1.29% of the population migrated from outside the State of Oaxaca. 99.76% of the population is indigenous, 97.89% of the inhabitants speak one indigenous language, and 43.81% speak that indigenous language, but not Spanish.

86.50% of the inhabitants of San José Tenango are Catholic, 39.75% are economically active and, within this active population, 92.20% are employed. Additionally, 10.87% of the dwellings have piped water and 0.16% have Internet access.

In which towns in the municipality of San José Tenango do most people live?

According to our statistics of San José Tenango, these are the four most important towns in terms of population:

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>>>Map with all the towns within the municipality of San José Tenango

List with all the towns in the Municipality of San José Tenango:

Agua Apestosa (156 inhabitants)
Agua Caballero (256 inhabitants)
Agua Caballo (41 inhabitants)
Agua Calabaza (Agua Tortuga) (145 inhabitants)
Agua Camarón (Pozo de Águila) (53 inhabitants)
Agua Camarón (San Martín) (132 inhabitants)
Agua Canoa (31 inhabitants)
Agua Caracol Buena Vista (30 inhabitants)
Agua Ciénega (180 inhabitants)
Agua Colorada (43)
Agua Cuchara (69)
Agua de Aceite (96)
Agua de Cedro (369)
Agua de Golondrina (134)
Agua de Grillo (167)
Agua de la Fuente (41)
Agua de Luna (16)
Agua de Palo (14)
Agua de Rayo (165)
Agua Dulce (103)
Agua Fría (351)
Agua Fuerte (46)
Agua Golondrina Sección II (220)
Agua Iglesia (110)
Agua Jabalí (58)
Agua Lejos San Martín (16)
Agua Murciélago (62)
Agua Obscura (97)
Agua Otate (33)
Agua Pared (82)
Agua Pólvora (60)
Agua Pescadito (16)
Agua Pescado (426)
Agua Platanillo (89)
Agua Platanillo Uno (88)
Agua Pumarosa (67)
Agua Rayón (6)
Agua San José (58)
Agua Sótano (203)
Agua Sótano (Puerto Buenavista) (47)
Agua Sitio Iglesia (29)
Agua Teopoxco (19)
Agua Tinta (Pozo de Águila) (165)
Agua Urraca (27)
Agua Verde (307)
Agua Vista (85)
Aguacatitla (497)
Altamira (257)
Barrio San Jerónimo (91)
Cañada de Mamey (285)
Cañada Grande (97)
Cabeza de Tierra (87)
Camino de Yeso (293)
Cerro Alto (6)
Cerro Alto (214)
Cerro Álamo (110)
Cerro Buena Vista (83)
Cerro Caballero (326)
Cerro Central (463)
Cerro Chiquito (41)
Cerro de Cueva (9)
Cerro de la Cruz (Puerto Buenavista) (177)
Cerro de la Raya (48)
Cerro de los Pinos (-)
Cerro de Maíz (89)
Cerro Frío (28)
Cerro Grande (29)
Cerro Liquidámbar (241)
Cerro Liquidámbar Árnica (65)
Cerro Negro (106)
Cerro Ocote (23)
Cerro Otate (424)
Cerro Palmaje (69)
Cerro Palmera (507)
Cerro Papel (5)
Cerro Rabón (143)
Cerro Relámpago (19)
Cerro Totomoxtle (45)
Cerro Trueno (137)
Cerro Yerba de Pollo (82)
El Potrero (60)
Génova Nuevo Progreso (121)
La Laguna de Cerro Palmera (-)
Las Maravillas (17)
Las Ruinas (282)
Llano de Árnica (190)
Llano de Naranjo (35)
Llano Nuevo de la Cruz (113)
Loma Alta Cerro Central (40)
Loma Alta Tierra Colorada (67)
Loma de la Cruz (100)
Los Naranjos (27)
Mina de Arena (134)
Nuevo Maldonado (Altamira) (74)
Palo Gordo (97)
Palo Plumaje (147)
Palo Zorrillo (14)
Patio Viejo (40)
Peña Blanca (120)
Peña Grande (60)
Piedra Ancha (84)
Piedra de Arena (65)
Piedra de la Luz (107)
Piedra del Sol (68)
Piedra del Sol (62)
Piedras Negras (306)
Plan de Guadalupe (70)
Plan de Laguna (124)
Pozo de Águila (145)
Puerto Buenavista (312)
Rancho Antonio (212)
Rancho Avendaño (19)
Rancho Carrera (Altamira) (19)
Rancho Cerqueda (37)
Rancho Cerro Verde (69)
Rancho Dávila (50)
Rancho García Central (12)
Rancho González (26)
Rancho González Segunda Sección (2)
Rancho Guadalupe (153)
Rancho Hernández (237)
Rancho Herrera (126)
Rancho Martínez Central (82)
Rancho Meseta (48)
Rancho Miranda (Altamira) (25)
Rancho Morelos (39)
Rancho Nuevo Pescadito (88)
Rancho Pantoja (17)
Rancho Peinecillo (108)
Rancho Pineda (187)
Rancho Quiroga (17)
Rancho Rivera (40)
San Isidro (134)
San Jorge Buena Vista (104)
San José Tenango (1254)
San Martín Caballero (215)
Santa Catarina (91)
Sitio Caballero (195)
Sitio Iglesia (335)
Teocuatlán (277)
Tierra Colorada (Agua Colorada) (280)
Unión de Hidalgo (344)
Vista Hermosa (75)