Schools in Pejelagartero 2a. Sección (Jahuacte) (Tabasco)

Where to study in Pejelagartero 2a. Sección (Jahuacte)? Education is important, and there are many schools to choose from in teachers or distance education. Here is a list of the best schools in the State of Tabasco.

Find out about the best schools in the Huimanguillo Municipality.

The towns of Huimanguillo have many children who attend the local schools on this page.
  1. Chicoacán 1ra. Sección (428 inhabitants)
  2. El Carmen (26 inhabitants)
  3. El Palmar (59 inhabitants)
  4. Emiliano Zapata (Chichonal de la Boyería) (194 inhabitants)
  5. Francisco I. Madero (Los Naranjos) (- inhabitants)
  6. José Mercedes Gamas 2da. Sección (237 inhabitants)
  7. La Libertad (- inhabitants)
  8. La Trinidad (141 inhabitants)
  9. Las Giraldas (16 inhabitants)
  10. Los Naranjos 4ta. Sección (246 inhabitants)
  11. Margarito Zapata (2 inhabitants)
  12. Paso de la Mina 3ra. Sección (1165 inhabitants)
  13. Pedregalito 1ra. Sección (Vicente Guerrero) (167 inhabitants)
  14. Pedro C. Colorado 1ra. Sección (160 inhabitants)
  15. Villa de Guadalupe (120 inhabitants)

Carlos Pellicer Camara, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Rancheria Pejelagartero Segunda Seccion -jahuacte-
Postal Code: 86400