Schools in Contla (Teotlalco, Puebla)

Find out opinions of computers or teaching quality of the schools in Contla (Puebla). Would alumni study in their schools again?.

Find out about the best schools in the Teotlalco Municipality.

The students of these schools come from other towns in the municipality of Teotlalco.
  1. Achichipico (148 inhabitants)
  2. Contla (167 inhabitants)
  3. Cuatizatlán (- inhabitants)
  4. El Cuatecomate (La Poza) (- inhabitants)
  5. El Tepehuaje (- inhabitants)
  6. Las Maravillas (66 inhabitants)
  7. San Miguel (367 inhabitants)
  8. Santa Cruz (549 inhabitants)
  9. Teotlalco (1892 inhabitants)
  10. Teotlalco (- inhabitants)
  11. Tepetlapa (3 inhabitants)
  12. Tlaucingo (301 inhabitants)
  13. Tlayehualco (111 inhabitants)
  14. Tzicatlán (Colonia el Zopilote) (85 inhabitants)

Cristobal Colon, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Emiliano Zapata Num. 2
Postal Code: 74700

Preescolar Comunitario Contla, Elementary Education (Preschool Conafe)

Type: Public (Mexican Federal, Organismo Descentralizado De La Secretaria De Educacion Publica)
School hours: Morning
Address: Plaza Principal
Postal Code: 74700