Restaurants in Tepoztlán

Thinking about eating in Tepoztlán (Morelos)? Fancy an Italian restaurant or a seafood restaurant?

Restaurants near you in Tepoztlán. You may find the following map useful, it includes a selection of the best restaurants, to ask even if they offer take-away food.

Restaurante El Ciruelo (at Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza), Restaurante Los Colorines (at Avenida Del Tepozteco), Restaurant La Casa De Las Golondrinas (at Avenida Del Tepozteco) or Restaurante Axitla (at Avenida Del Tepozteco) are well-known restaurants in Tepoztlán where you can go for dinner.

Here is a location map of the best restaurants in Tepoztlán. Click on each point for more information..

Other food places and restaurants in Tepoztlán

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