Mexican school students are forced to carry a cardboard box on their heads to prevent them from copying in the exam


A professor at an high school in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala forces students to carry a cardboard box with just two holes in their eyes, to prevent pupils from copying on the exam. The parents call it a "violation of the human rights" of the young students.

Students from Mexican schools, like young people from other countries around the world, are always tempted to copy in the exams they have in their schools or high schools, in order to obtain better grades in their academics with as little effort as possible.

The techniques used are always different (small sheets hidden at the table, secret codes shared with classmates...), and in recent years they have become more sophisticated with the arrival of telephones and new technologies.

To avoid all these techniques of copying into exams, a teacher at a school in Mexico came with a rather rigourous idea: to force his students to place a cardboard box on their heads while they were taking the test.

This is shown by the following photograph, which has become viral through social networks, of what happened at the High School in the Mexican town of "El Sabinal" in the state of Tlaxcala. With these boxes, the student can see the exam sheet through two holes, but cannot have a lateral vision, which apparently prevents him from copying other classmates.

Mexican school forces students to put cardboard boxes

Photography has raised a huge controversy within much of Mexican society, describing what happened as humiliating and vexatious to the students. The professor is at the back of the photograph, quietly watching his students.

The Education in Mexico has never been exempt from this type of controversy related to the force applied to students to adjust to their teachers' methods.

For their part, the school's direction board has issued a statement explaining that what happened was simply a "dynamic exercise" to help students "develop their psychomotor skills" from the difficulty of having their lateral vision blocked during the examination. They also claim that the human and individual rights of the young people were respected at all times.

Some parents of these students, visibly angry, have expressed his anger on Facebook, hoping that "this type of violence against Mexican youth" will not be overlooked, and that federal and state authorities will "remove this public official" and that every effort will be made to end "this type of humiliation in a learning place".

photo of Mexico

photo of Mexico

photo of Mexico