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Map. How to get to Motel Mi Paraiso?

Motel Mi Paraiso is located in Santiago 1era Seccion at 2000 meters from the center of Zumpango de Ocampo, in Santiago 1era Seccion. Walking would take between 27 and 28 minutes to get to the hotel.

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In case it can help, it's also close to Calle Brannif .

Motel Mi Paraiso
In the rooms of Motel Mi Paraiso you can relax after your arrival at Zumpango de Ocampo. All the online information about Motel Mi Paraiso, located in the city of Zumpango de Ocampo (Municipality: Zumpango, State: México).

Address of Motel Mi Paraiso

:: Postal address: Calle Melchor Ocampo, Sn (Santiago 1era Seccion)
:: Postal ZIP Code: 55600

Telephone to call Motel Mi Paraiso

:: Phone for reservations, request prices: 5919176726

Is Motel Mi Paraiso near the coast?

Sorry, but Motel Mi Paraiso is located more than 26 km from the coast.

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Hotel - Accommodation

Hotel - Accommodation
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