Riva Palacio (Municipality)

Get to know deeply all the information of the municipality of Riva Palacio through its towns. We have registered the smallest, with hardly any inhabitants, and even those with the largest population, such as San Andrés, Sainapuchi (La Garita), or Campo Treinta y Cinco (El Saucito).

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Riva Palacio is a Municipality of 8012 inhabitants, placed in the State of Chihuahua, with a fertility rate of 3.08 children per woman. 1.04% of the population migrated from outside the State of Chihuahua. 1.07% of the population is indigenous, 0.95% of the inhabitants speak one indigenous language, and 0.03% speak that indigenous language, but not Spanish.

27.08% of the inhabitants of Riva Palacio are Catholic, 48.88% are economically active and, within this active population, 99.08% are employed. Additionally, 98.91% of the dwellings have piped water and 3.88% have Internet access.

Which are the villages with the highest number of inhabitants of the municipality of Riva Palacio?

We have been analysing all the demographic data of Riva Palacio and in the following four towns live the largest number of people:

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>>>Map with all the towns within the municipality of Riva Palacio

List with all the towns in the Municipality of Riva Palacio:

Aldana de Abajo (4 inhabitants)
Aldana de Arriba (6 inhabitants)
Barrio de Félix de Arriba (44 inhabitants)
Beltranes (25 inhabitants)
Cañón de San Miguel (Cañón del Diablo) (1 inhabitants)
Campo Cincuenta (85 inhabitants)
Campo Cincuenta y Cinco (La Cordovana) (168 inhabitants)
Campo Cincuenta y Nueve (103 inhabitants)
Campo Cincuenta y Nueve y Medio (102 inhabitants)
Campo Cuarenta (Carrizalillo) (100)
Campo Cuarenta y Cinco (Colonia Merced) (21)
Campo Cuarenta y Cuatro (78)
Campo 42 A (44)
Campo Cuarenta y Dos B (4)
Campo Cuarenta y Ocho (71)
Campo 46 (127)
Campo Cuarenta y Tres (198)
Campo Cuarenta y Uno (65)
Campo Noventa (60)
Campo Noventa y Dos (69)
Campo Noventa y Nueve (6)
Campo Noventa y Tres (94)
Campo Noventa y Uno (67)
Campo Ochenta (92)
Campo Ochenta y Cinco (46)
Campo Ochenta y Cuatro (61)
Campo Ochenta y Dos (81)
Campo Ochenta y Nueve (32)
Campo Ochenta y Ocho (30)
Campo Ochenta y Seis (67)
Campo Ochenta y Siete (94)
Campo Ochenta y Siete y Medio (34)
Campo Ochenta y Tres (9)
Campo Ochenta y Uno (69)
Campo Sesenta (158)
Campo Sesenta y Cinco (104)
Campo Sesenta y Cinco y Medio (49)
Campo Sesenta y Cuatro (141)
Campo Sesenta y Cuatro B (175)
Campo 62 (199)
Campo Sesenta y Dos y Medio (-)
Campo Sesenta y Nueve (61)
Campo Sesenta y Ocho (179)
Campo Sesenta y Seis (138)
Campo Sesenta y Siete (137)
Campo Sesenta y Siete y Medio (114)
Campo 63 (181)
Campo 61 (151)
Campo 61 1/2 (18)
Campo Setenta (128)
Campo Setenta y Cuatro (115)
Campo Setenta y Dos (206)
Campo Setenta y Medio (90)
Campo Setenta y Nueve (118)
Campo Setenta y Ocho (88)

Other towns, colonies, districts and neighborhoods in the Municipality of Riva Palacio:

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