Schools in Santa Cruz (Rancho Escondido) (Oaxaca)

We have many schools in Santa Cruz (Rancho Escondido) (Oaxaca). Browse through the list below to analyze classroom hours or distance education and make a good choice for your children's school.

In the Municipality of San Juan Lachao there is a high quality of educational centers.

In the following towns in the municipality of San Juan Lachao live the students who attend the listed schools.
  1. Armenia (88 inhabitants)
  2. San José el Corozal (66 inhabitants)
  3. El Portillo (6 inhabitants)
  4. L3 (6 inhabitants)
  5. La Asunción (46 inhabitants)
  6. La Reforma (61 inhabitants)
  7. Las Nieves (- inhabitants)
  8. Los Mulatos (10 inhabitants)
  9. Providencia (15 inhabitants)
  10. San Antonio (14 inhabitants)
  11. San Isidro (- inhabitants)
  12. San José Costa Rica (15 inhabitants)
  13. San Juan Lachao Pueblo Viejo (692 inhabitants)
  14. Santa Fe (17 inhabitants)
  15. Santa Lucía Tierra Blanca (163 inhabitants)

Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez, Elementary Education (indigenous Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Centro
Postal Code: 71940