Schools in San Antonio (Metlatónoc, Guerrero)

The education in the town of San Antonio is of high quality, and educational platform or classroom hours must be taken into account. Schools in the State of Guerrero.

Municipality of Metlatónoc and its best centers to study.

In the following towns in the municipality of Metlatónoc live the students who attend the listed schools.
  1. Chokii Dos (20 inhabitants)
  2. Colonia de Guadalupe (241 inhabitants)
  3. Colonia Trinidad (66 inhabitants)
  4. El Coyulito (El Corazón) (129 inhabitants)
  5. El Paraíso (90 inhabitants)
  6. El Zapote (317 inhabitants)
  7. Itia Nivehe Xahaxiqui (89 inhabitants)
  8. Kundi Canu (13 inhabitants)
  9. La Primavera (57 inhabitants)
  10. Lagunilla Yucutuni (516 inhabitants)
  11. Llano de la Parota (El Rancho) (133 inhabitants)
  12. Llano de Nopal (167 inhabitants)
  13. Nuhu Savi Kani (93 inhabitants)
  14. San Juan Puerto Montaña (822 inhabitants)
  15. San Pablo Atzompa (856 inhabitants)

Lauro Aguirre, Elementary Education (indigenous Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Postal Code: 39170