Schools in Matehuapil (El Machetazo) (Zacatecas)

Where to study in Matehuapil (El Machetazo)? Education is important, and there are many schools to choose from in teachers or physical education. Here is a list of the best schools in the State of Zacatecas.

In the Municipality of El Salvador there is a high quality of educational centers.

The students of these schools come from other towns in the municipality of El Salvador.
  1. Cerro Quemado (Los Lara) (3 inhabitants)
  2. El Surco (El Surco de Magueyes) (11 inhabitants)
  3. General Gertrudis Sánchez (Santa Rita) (122 inhabitants)
  4. La Lajilla (- inhabitants)
  5. Las Torreñas (- inhabitants)
  6. Majada José Orta Pérez (- inhabitants)
  7. Majada José Jasso (1 inhabitants)
  8. Majada Juan Camacho Oviedo (3 inhabitants)
  9. Majada Santa Ana (3 inhabitants)
  10. Matehuapil (El Machetazo) (119 inhabitants)
  11. Ojo de Agua (Ojo de Agua del Capulín) (108 inhabitants)
  12. Puerto la Lajilla (1 inhabitants)
  13. Rancho Crucita de las Flores (2 inhabitants)
  14. Sierra Escondida (- inhabitants)
  15. Tanque Nuevo (791 inhabitants)

Justo Sierra Mendez, Elementary Education (Distance Education For High Schools)

Type: Public (State level, Estatal)
School hours: Morning
Postal Code: 98290

Rafael Ramirez, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: El Machetazo Matehuapil
Postal Code: 98290