Schools in La Cabaña (Villa Corzo, Chiapas)

Where to study in La Cabaña? In the State of Chiapas and in this town there is a diversity of schools. Teaching quality or teachers are important data to analyze.

In the Municipality of Villa Corzo there is a high quality of educational centers.

The schoolchildren in the classrooms on this page come from villages all over the municipality of Villa Corzo.
  1. Cariño (8 inhabitants)
  2. El Edén (2 inhabitants)
  3. El Mirador (- inhabitants)
  4. El Pencil (2 inhabitants)
  5. La Esperanza (- inhabitants)
  6. Las Pilas (7 inhabitants)
  7. Natividad (Casas Viejas) (4 inhabitants)
  8. Patria Chica (191 inhabitants)
  9. Belén II (27 inhabitants)
  10. San Diego (- inhabitants)
  11. San Francisco (3 inhabitants)
  12. San Martín el Mirador (- inhabitants)
  13. Santa Cecilia (- inhabitants)
  14. Veracruz (27 inhabitants)
  15. Vistahermosa (Los Laureles) (- inhabitants)

Benito Juarez Garcia, Elementary Education (indigenous Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Intermittent
Address: La CabaÑa
Postal Code: 30520