Schools in La Aurora (Hidalgo, Tamaulipas)

Schools in La Aurora (Tamaulipas), and list of top schools, with data and alumni opinions on classroom hours or distance education.

List of educational centers in the Municipality of Hidalgo.

The students of these schools come from other towns in the municipality of Hidalgo.
  1. Ampliación la Volanta (El Diecinueve) (4 inhabitants)
  2. El Enchilado (- inhabitants)
  3. El Henequén (13 inhabitants)
  4. El Perico (- inhabitants)
  5. El Prado (El Cerón) (- inhabitants)
  6. El Puerto del Aire (2 inhabitants)
  7. El Sauz (266 inhabitants)
  8. El Tamaulipeco (- inhabitants)
  9. La Curva (- inhabitants)
  10. La Volanta (17 inhabitants)
  11. Las Alamedas (- inhabitants)
  12. Los Sabinos (Virginio Rodríguez) (3 inhabitants)
  13. Oyama (493 inhabitants)
  14. San Juan (San Juanito) (- inhabitants)
  15. Santa Emilia (3 inhabitants)

Pedro J. Mendez, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Ejido La Aurora
Postal Code: 87849
Phone number: 8343054388