Schools in Guadalupe Victoria (San Pablo Tijaltepec, Oaxaca)

Schools in Guadalupe Victoria (Oaxaca), and list of top schools, with data and alumni opinions on teachers or distance education.

Find out about the best schools in the San Pablo Tijaltepec Municipality.

The children attending these schools come from this list of San Pablo Tijaltepec towns.
  1. Buena Vista la Paz (351 inhabitants)
  2. Candelaria la Unión (467 inhabitants)
  3. El Porvenir (505 inhabitants)
  4. Fortín Juárez (87 inhabitants)
  5. Guadalupe Victoria (259 inhabitants)
  6. Juquila Independencia (75 inhabitants)
  7. Llano de la Luz (1 inhabitants)
  8. San Cristóbal Linda Vista (124 inhabitants)
  9. San Isidro Allende (126 inhabitants)
  10. San Lucas Redención (164 inhabitants)
  11. San Pablo Tijaltepec (265 inhabitants)
  12. Santo Domingo del Progreso (150 inhabitants)
  13. Vista Hermosa (177 inhabitants)

Jose Vasconcelos, Elementary Education (indigenous preschool)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Avenida General Guadalupe Victoria S/n
Postal Code: 71150