Schools in Felipe Ángeles (La Estancia) (Zacatecas)

Where to study in Felipe Ángeles (La Estancia)? In the State of Zacatecas and in this town there is a diversity of schools. Distance education or educational platform are important data to analyze.

Good schools in the Municipality of Sombrerete.

The schoolchildren in the classrooms on this page come from villages all over the municipality of Sombrerete.
  1. Colonia Felipe Ángeles (El Barranco) (945 inhabitants)
  2. Colonia Tres de Menonitas (Blumenhein) (124 inhabitants)
  3. El Tulillo (- inhabitants)
  4. Enrique Campos (- inhabitants)
  5. Francisco Villa (La Boquilla) (177 inhabitants)
  6. La Concordia (28 inhabitants)
  7. La Purísima (47 inhabitants)
  8. Los Ángeles (- inhabitants)
  9. Nicolás Fernández Carrillo (Mateo Gómez) (477 inhabitants)
  10. Nuevo México (35 inhabitants)
  11. Quinta Santa Mónica (José Olvera) (4 inhabitants)
  12. Rancho La Pirámide (4 inhabitants)
  13. San Isidro (- inhabitants)
  14. San Isidro del Divisadero (3 inhabitants)
  15. Veinte de Noviembre (San José de la Estancia) (197 inhabitants)

Revolucion Mexicana, Elementary Education (Distance Education For High Schools)

Type: Public (State level, Estatal)
School hours: Morning
Postal Code: 99100