Schools in El Sardinero (Oaxaca)

Where to study in El Sardinero? Education is important, and there are many schools to choose from in physical education or distance education. Here is a list of the best schools in the State of Oaxaca.

Where to study in the Municipality of El Barrio de la Soledad.

The children attending these schools come from this list of El Barrio de la Soledad towns.
  1. Campo Nuevo (94 inhabitants)
  2. El Ajal (177 inhabitants)
  3. El Barrio de la Soledad (2399 inhabitants)
  4. El Convento (3 inhabitants)
  5. El Sardinero (137 inhabitants)
  6. Guigubaá (796 inhabitants)
  7. La Ciruela (151 inhabitants)
  8. Lagunas (372 inhabitants)
  9. Llano de la Soledad (64 inhabitants)
  10. Loma Bonita (6 inhabitants)
  11. Nacedero (108 inhabitants)
  12. El Capulín (- inhabitants)
  13. Río Grande (255 inhabitants)
  14. Reforma (47 inhabitants)
  15. Río Seco (5 inhabitants)

24 De Febrero, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Postal Code: 70392