Schools in El Ocotal (Santo Tomás, México)

We have many schools in El Ocotal (México). Browse through the list below to analyze distance education or classroom hours and make a good choice for your children's school.

Municipality of Santo Tomás and its best centers to study.

Numerous localities in Santo Tomás supply the schools with pupils.
  1. El Aguacate (7 inhabitants)
  2. El Jocoyol (San José el Jocoyol) (78 inhabitants)
  3. El Ocotal (77 inhabitants)
  4. El Plan (98 inhabitants)
  5. El Salitre Bramador (124 inhabitants)
  6. El Sifón (696 inhabitants)
  7. Frontón Vivero (591 inhabitants)
  8. La Laguna (17 inhabitants)
  9. Las Fincas (762 inhabitants)
  10. Los Nogales (108 inhabitants)
  11. Poblado de Santo Tomás (El Puerto San Isidro) (108 inhabitants)
  12. Potrero de Abajo (Granadillo) (16 inhabitants)
  13. Pueblo Viejo (75 inhabitants)
  14. San Pedro el Chico (17 inhabitants)
  15. Tacuitapan (330 inhabitants)

Juan Fernandez Albarran, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Estatal)
School hours: Morning
Postal Code: 51100