Schools in El Durazno (Atarjea, Guanajuato)

Where to study in El Durazno? In the State of Guanajuato and in this town there is a diversity of schools. Distance education or physical education are important data to analyze.

List of educational centers in the Municipality of Atarjea.

The children attending these schools come from this list of Atarjea towns.
  1. Cerro Prieto (202 inhabitants)
  2. El Ángel (18 inhabitants)
  3. El Banco (148 inhabitants)
  4. El Cantón (27 inhabitants)
  5. El Mezquital (135 inhabitants)
  6. El Pelón (12 inhabitants)
  7. El Torbellino (Puerto del Torbellino) (15 inhabitants)
  8. Ex-Hacienda de Charcas (93 inhabitants)
  9. Los Llanitos (84 inhabitants)
  10. Mangas Cuatas (343 inhabitants)
  11. Palo Verde (6 inhabitants)
  12. Piedra Gorda (83 inhabitants)
  13. Puerto la Escondida (68 inhabitants)
  14. Salitrillo (64 inhabitants)
  15. San Antón (159 inhabitants)

Amor Y Amistad, Elementary Education (General Preschool)

Type: Public (State level, Sistema Estatal Para El Desarrollo Integral De La Familia (dif))
School hours: Morning
Address: El Durazno
Postal Code: 37940

Justo Sierra, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Estatal)
School hours: Morning
Address: El Durazno
Postal Code: 37940