Schools in El Derramadero (Derramadero de Sánchez) (Guanajuato)

We have many schools in El Derramadero (Derramadero de Sánchez) (Guanajuato). Browse through the list below to analyze students or teaching quality and make a good choice for your children's school.

Find out about the best schools in the San Luis de la Paz Municipality.

The children attending these schools come from this list of San Luis de la Paz towns.
  1. Aguacate (10 inhabitants)
  2. Cuatro Esquinas (33 inhabitants)
  3. El Carmen (60 inhabitants)
  4. El Cedrito (El Cerrito) (2 inhabitants)
  5. El Rincón de los Magueyes (3 inhabitants)
  6. El Salitrillo (82 inhabitants)
  7. Fraccionamiento Residencial Villas de la Gloria (65 inhabitants)
  8. Garibaldi (El Cerrito) (97 inhabitants)
  9. La Biznaguilla (- inhabitants)
  10. La Cebada (117 inhabitants)
  11. Palmillas (24 inhabitants)
  12. Rancho Viejo (9 inhabitants)
  13. San José del Carmen (- inhabitants)
  14. San José Dos (8 inhabitants)
  15. San Pedro de la Cruz (253 inhabitants)

Salvador Diaz Miron, Elementary Education (General Preschool)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Derramadero
Postal Code: 37900