Schools in El Bajío Largo (Durango)

Schools in El Bajío Largo (Durango), and list of top schools, with data and alumni opinions on educational platform or physical education.

List of educational centers in the Municipality of Tepehuanes.

In the following towns in the municipality of Tepehuanes live the students who attend the listed schools.
  1. Buenos Aires (8 inhabitants)
  2. El Bajío de la Joya del Venado (7 inhabitants)
  3. El Desmonte (- inhabitants)
  4. El Tabardillo (- inhabitants)
  5. El Yaqui (12 inhabitants)
  6. La Cruz (11 inhabitants)
  7. La Mesa de las Cruces (5 inhabitants)
  8. La Quebradita (1 inhabitants)
  9. Los Espejos (7 inhabitants)
  10. Mesa de los Toros (- inhabitants)
  11. Metates (Metatitos) (35 inhabitants)
  12. San León (- inhabitants)
  13. Santa Rosa Uno (Santa Rosa del Tarahumar) (12 inhabitants)
  14. Toribio (- inhabitants)
  15. Toro Quemado (41 inhabitants)

Ni�os Heroes, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Postal Code: 35630