Schools in Colonia 13 de Julio (Guanajuato)

Where to study in Colonia 13 de Julio? Education is important, and there are many schools to choose from in physical education or students. Here is a list of the best schools in the State of Guanajuato.

List of educational centers in the Municipality of Pueblo Nuevo.

The schoolchildren in the classrooms on this page come from villages all over the municipality of Pueblo Nuevo.
  1. Apaseo el Alto (201 inhabitants)
  2. Casa Blanca (310 inhabitants)
  3. Centenario de la Revolución (298 inhabitants)
  4. Cerritos (231 inhabitants)
  5. Dos Ríos de San Antonio (353 inhabitants)
  6. El Baúl (2 inhabitants)
  7. Granja Conchita (3 inhabitants)
  8. Granja San Pablo (6 inhabitants)
  9. Granja Santa Elena (6 inhabitants)
  10. Huatzimitiro (- inhabitants)
  11. Presa Grande (247 inhabitants)
  12. Progreso de la Unión (487 inhabitants)
  13. Pueblo Nuevo (3562 inhabitants)
  14. Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (- inhabitants)
  15. San Rafael (23 inhabitants)

Juana De Arco, Elementary Education (General Preschool)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: 13 De Julio S/n
Postal Code: 36890