Schools in Cañada Río Oriente (Oaxaca)

The education in the town of Cañada Río Oriente is of high quality, and classroom hours or educational platform must be taken into account. Schools in the State of Oaxaca.

Good schools in the Municipality of San Juan Lachao.

Find out the localities of San Juan Lachao from where the children go to school.
  1. Cañada Río Oriente (105 inhabitants)
  2. San José el Corozal (66 inhabitants)
  3. Guadalupe (16 inhabitants)
  4. La Unión (143 inhabitants)
  5. Las Nieves (- inhabitants)
  6. Los Jiménez (20 inhabitants)
  7. Luz de la Luna (- inhabitants)
  8. Río Sal (14 inhabitants)
  9. San Francisco (139 inhabitants)
  10. San Isidro (- inhabitants)
  11. San Juan Lachao Pueblo Viejo (692 inhabitants)
  12. Santa Catarina Cerro del Vidrio (185 inhabitants)
  13. Santa Cruz (Rancho Escondido) (47 inhabitants)
  14. Santa Fe (17 inhabitants)
  15. Tierra Colorada (46 inhabitants)

Ignacio Allende, Elementary Education (indigenous Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Benito Juarez Num. 20
Postal Code: 71940