Schools in Cañada del Tecolote (Oaxaca)

The education in the town of Cañada del Tecolote is of high quality, and educational platform or computers must be taken into account. Schools in the State of Oaxaca.

Municipality of San Simón Zahuatlán and its best centers to study.

In the following towns in the municipality of San Simón Zahuatlán live the students who attend the listed schools.
  1. Barrio Juquilita (321 inhabitants)
  2. Cañada del Tecolote (327 inhabitants)
  3. 5 de Mayo (604 inhabitants)
  4. Guadalupe Sabino (Barrio el Sabino) (379 inhabitants)
  5. La Colmena (379 inhabitants)
  6. La Salud (206 inhabitants)
  7. Las Tres Cruces (251 inhabitants)
  8. Rancho Nuevo (111 inhabitants)
  9. San Miguel (318 inhabitants)
  10. San Simón Zahuatlán (1648 inhabitants)
  11. Santa Cruz (243 inhabitants)
  12. Tierra Colorada (153 inhabitants)

Enrique Rebsamen, Elementary Education (indigenous Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Porfirio Diaz Num. 1
Postal Code: 69265