Schools in Arroyo Hondo de Arriba (Zacatecas)

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List of educational centers in the Municipality of Apulco.

The towns of Apulco have many children who attend the local schools on this page.
  1. Agua Blanca (49 inhabitants)
  2. Agua Tinta de Arriba (33 inhabitants)
  3. Apulco (1619 inhabitants)
  4. Arroyo Hondo de Arriba (48 inhabitants)
  5. Casas Coloradas (13 inhabitants)
  6. El Conejo (16 inhabitants)
  7. El Quelele (52 inhabitants)
  8. El Soyatal (48 inhabitants)
  9. Huegolita (220 inhabitants)
  10. La Chaveña (84 inhabitants)
  11. Los Aguilera (- inhabitants)
  12. Pastoría (98 inhabitants)
  13. Rancho de los Díaz (107 inhabitants)
  14. Rancho La Cofradía (1 inhabitants)
  15. Tinajas (103 inhabitants)

Centro De Asistencia Infantil Comunitario, Elementary Education (General Preschool)

Type: Public (State level, Sistema Nacional Para El Desarrollo Integral De La Familia (dif))
School hours: Morning
Address: Arroyo Hondo
Postal Code: 99930