Schools in Aguacate (San Luis Amatlán, Oaxaca)

Where to study in Aguacate? In the State of Oaxaca and in this town there is a diversity of schools. Distance education or classroom hours are important data to analyze.

Where to study in the Municipality of San Luis Amatlán.

In the following towns in the municipality of San Luis Amatlán live the students who attend the listed schools.
  1. Chirotete (32 inhabitants)
  2. El Espino (6 inhabitants)
  3. El Tanque (El Sabino) (5 inhabitants)
  4. Gozachina (24 inhabitants)
  5. Guetavero (17 inhabitants)
  6. Herobeche (- inhabitants)
  7. Lachiguí (52 inhabitants)
  8. Las Salinas (3 inhabitants)
  9. Logoche (110 inhabitants)
  10. Los Pinos (7 inhabitants)
  11. Nopalera (Guelaxóchitl) (141 inhabitants)
  12. San Esteban Amatlán (998 inhabitants)
  13. San Luis Amatlán (852 inhabitants)
  14. Yegoveo (30 inhabitants)
  15. Zagalá (45 inhabitants)

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Elementary Education (General Elementary)

Type: Public (State level, Transferred Mexican Federal)
School hours: Morning
Address: Siempreviva Num. 5
Postal Code: 70810